Kalie May Hargrove

Kalie May Hargrove (she/her) is a writer, theologian, and activist. She lives in the greater-Atlanta area with her partner and two kids. Kalie has been part of LGBTQ+ activism bringing awareness of the legalized discrimination queer and trans students face at religious universities. She received her Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of Twin Cities. 

Kalie is Director of Digital Outreach at the Center for Prophetic Imagination, which seeks to connect spirituality with intersectional social justice in our world.

My Story

In August 2021, I was faced with a choice, withdraw from seminary or face disciplinary action for being transgender.

According to the Department of Education, this is considered sexual harassment. However, they were able to discriminate due to a religious exemption to Title IX, even though they did not have an exemption at the time of the discrimination.

Since then, I have made my focus on the intersectionality of spirituality and human rights. Much of this work is deweaponizing the narratives that have empowered Christianity to become the primary religion imposing oppression in the US.

Queerness and spirituality is not in opposition with each other. There is a way forward that sees the divine's immense creativity expressed through the existence and creation of queer people.

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